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Emerge yourself into a world of technology, modern applications and features that will rock your digital world.


Here at Rock Your Mobile, we strive to design applications that will make the difference. Not only can they ease communication and working standards, but our apps are also developed with style and design in mind.


A good looking app is useless without functionality. From this point of view, functionality is our primary purpose when creating something new.


Our main goals depend on our clients' requests and necessities, but for most of the apps we create, communication is key.

Digital inspiration and passion

From setting alarms in the morning to playing their favorite music, people turn to mobile applications for pretty much everything. Is your business fully featured and geared to help customers in today’s mobile society? Here at Rock Your Mobile, we develop applications for all kinds of industries and domains. We have worked with plenty of clients from different backgrounds. As long as you thoroughly explain your project and necessities, it is only a matter of time until we make it happen. We can develop apps for Android and iOS, as well as hybrid app solutions.

Take your business to another level

An application will make things easier for your clients. At the same time, it will ease your communication with them.

Do you have a vision? We have a team waiting for you

Direct communication with your clients will be a breeze. You can engage customer interest, but also notify your customers about new services, special offers, top features and rates. Direct communication is about tapping on an app or receiving a notification, rather than through an email that is less likely to be read before getting deleted. You will also gain valuable insights – shopping patterns, locations, demographics and so on.

At the same time, having your own app for a business will increase customer loyalty, which is a serious aspect in marketing. Mobile applications built a road between you as a brand and your clients. Reminders and notifications will inevitably be part of this connection. Customers are aware of products and services, while brand recognition is only a step away.

Understand what awareness means and how apps can sell for you

It is quite obvious in our world. Websites are great, as they create awareness and help people educate themselves. But on the other hand, it is usually the app that creates the sale. It is simple. When people look up a product or a service, they are more likely to use their smartphones, rather than their desktops or laptops. People search while communicating, waiting in a queue or traveling, hence the necessity of being mobile. Applications are faster, quicker and way more interactive than a website. From this point of view, most people would rather stick to apps than websites.

When it comes to shopping or services, it is the app that makes the sell. People would rather navigate through an app than through a website. From many points of view, the app is responsible for the sale. Our conclusion is fairly simple. While websites are useful and can help brand awareness, apps represent the engines responsible for sales. We are here to make things easy for you. No matter what industry you activate in, chances are you can make a difference and improve your brand with a quality app – get in touch with us today.


Vape Juice – Ultimate Solution to Quit Smoking

Smoking is seriously detrimental to your health. If you are a young smoker, I am sure that you have seen this statement before, what you may not know is the reality. Everybody who is either a long-term smoker or knows someone who is, will be little aware of how much damage cigarettes can cause. I have known too many good men who have died shockingly early in life because of smoking related diseases.

I wholeheartedly support the any product which can help people to quick smoking! The moment I heard about vaping and how it works, I gave my full support and promoted them whenever I could. The first time, I got to know about Vaping is when ELiquid Depot sent Vape Juice under trial offer to my mail. I was simply amazed with the health benefit; it provides without making you compromise on your nicotine requirement.

In addition to known health concerns for yourself and others around you there are very many other reasons to quit smoking:

  • Smoking costs you a small fortune, money that you just waste – you are simply handing your hard-earned cash to corporate tobacco companies and government taxes.
  • Smokers smell like smokers, their clothes, their breath, and their whole-body smells like an old ashtray. Most people find the smell of cigarette smoke repulsive.
  • Smoking has become anti-social, other people will judge you because you smoke, in the eyes of the majority – smoking has a very negative stigma attached.

We all know these, what’s the use. We all know, “It Is Not Easy” to quit. But did you try? You might have tried ways to get rid of nicotine and were unsuccessful in your attempt. What if you do not have to quit nicotine but still you can stop smoking? Yes, thy name is Vaping!!! They work wonder and you get the same smoke feeling and consume nicotine while it keeps your lungs safe.

Vaping is designed to support your attempts to stop smoking, most people who smoke want to stop, but it is not easy. Smoking is a pernicious habit that is difficult to break, everybody who has succeeded earns my deepest respect and everyone that tries deserves the greatest possible, unreserved encouragement. Everybody who stops smoking will have a better life as a result – I salute you!

I personally suspect that different individuals have a different susceptibility to the siren charms of cigarettes; their addiction is often a combination of chemical dependence, emotional need, social interaction, and habitual behavior. Please do not be distracted from your determination to quit by others implying that they found it easy to stop. You should welcome their success, but you should also recognize that it may be more of a struggle for you – fight the good fight.

I will never advice you to go cold turkey or use Nicotine Replacement Therapy – Patches, gums and lozenges. They do not work so well, and you may return back to smoking in a couple of days or weeks. The only way is to start vaping. You have a wide range of vaping device available at ELiquid Depot with 100+ unique flavor in Vape Juice. Check them out and enjoy the world with vaping.

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